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Here are over 750 GPX tracks (mapped, commented, dated and downloadable) located in the Gard and nearby departments of south central France.

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Use the table filters, type a keyword, pick a walking dstance, sort a column, display more lines, and when you find something interesting, click on the hike name to see a fully interactive slippy map based on high quality IGN maps. On the map displays, try the tools too (isochrome, route finders, altimetric profiles of any segment, etc). For fans of maps, there’s lots to do.

The author is not responsible for any inaccuracy of this trail data and users of this information do so strictly at their own risk.

Trail name Starts in ... Distance Cumul. Climb Department
Aigaliers-La Baume Aigaliers 8,00 100 Gard
Garrigues d'Aigaliers Aigaliers 8,00 200 Gard
Mas de l'Ancienne Eglise Aigaliers 15,00 366 Gard
La Dame de Brueys Aigaliers 9,50 240 Gard
Gattigues et la Bouscarasse Aigaliers 10,70 150 Gard
Chabian à Vacquières Aigaliers 12,00 150 Gard
Bourdiguet au Chabian Aigaliers 8,80 200 Gard
Aigaliers-Pousselargues-Marignac Aigaliers 9,00 200 Gard
Autour de Gattigues - 1 Aigaliers 8,20 150 Gard
Autour de Gattigues - 2 Aigaliers 11,50 180 Gard
Trail name Starts in ... Distance Cumul. Climb
Avg = 10,07

These trails are almost always loops, bringing you back to your starting point. “Cumul. climb” refers to the cumulative vertical climbing in metres and is based on estimates taken from the gpx files. The altimetric profile for each trail is displayed at the bottom of the trail map. Conditions, routing and rights of passage over these trails can and will change over time. For this reason, the latest known date of passage on the trail is shown on the trail map. Never leave on a hike without a compass and a good map.

Summary by department

Department Number of circuits
Alpes-de-Haute-Provence 8
Ardèche 79
Aude 2
Aveyron 14
Bouches-du-Rhône 26
Drôme 6
Gard 462
Hérault 35
Isère 2
Lozère 87
Pyrenées-Orientales 15
Var 1
Vaucluse 23
∑ = 764